Terms & Condtions

Product & Pricing

  • All products listed on the website, their descriptions, and their prices are subject to change from time to time without any prior information.
  • Products only contain the items listed in the descriptions. Vases and other items are not included, unless explicitly stated in the product description. Photographs of flower bouquets represent the average bouquet size. There may be minor variations in the bouquet's composition and shape. Please see our Substitution Policy below.
  • From time to time, our local florists may not have some items listed in the product description in stock, and substitutions of items of equal or greater value will be necessary.

    Should the main flower type in the bouquet have to be replaced, we will attempt to notify you; if we are unable to reach you, we will proceed with the substitution to prevent delays in the order delivery. Roses, however, will never be substituted with other flowers without requesting your confirmation first. At the same time, please note that if we do not hear from you within 24h from our first email we will proceed with delivery of your order to avoid further delays. We will substitute them with flowers of the same or greater value.
  • The product specifications (weight, size, colour etc.) mentioned with the product photos displayed are only approximate. There may be a slight variation in the pictures and the respective products.

Substitution Policy

  • Our designers may make changes to the colour of the flowers, but will maintain the overall shades of the bouquet displayed on the website. Moreover, we cannot guarantee that the colour shade will perfectly match the one shown in the picture. there may be a slight variation from the picture shown. Occasionally, substitution of flowers is necessary due to temporary and/or regional unavailability issues.
  • In the designing of cake, there may be slight variation in the product in terms of design and shape. Occasionally, substitution of flavours/designs is necessary due to temporary and/or regional unavailability issues.
  • Regarding the unavailability of particular product which you have ordered we will mail you an option of an alternate product. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours, we will proceed with sending you the alternate item.

Order Modification/Cancellation Policy

In the case of gifts, if you cancel your order at least five business days prior to the scheduled delivery date, you will be entitled to a full refund. For instance, if your order is scheduled for 16 March, you must contact us before 7 pm on 10 March.

If notice of cancellation is given between five and two business days before the delivery date, then you will full refund voucher, so you can use the same amount for future delivery.

No refund will be possible in same day cancellation.

Delivery Times

We cannot guarantee an exact delivery time, as this depends on the availability of our logistics partners and our local florists. In some cases, however, and depending on the date and destination city chosen, you will be given the option of choosing between morning (before 14:00) or afternoon delivery (after 14:00). Please keep in mind that if your order can not be delivered due to a local holiday you will not be entitled to a refund.

Locations subject to delivery restrictions

Orders sent to hospitals, hotels, residential homes, companies, universities or public buildings are not guaranteed, but in the vast majority of cases arrive as requested. If your delivery is going to such a location, please provide the name and telephone number of the establishment and as many details as possible.

In the case of hospitals, we will need the recipient's ward and room number. Flowers n smiles will attempt to deliver your bouquet in accordance with each establishment's procedures, but we cannot be held liable if these procedures prevent successful delivery. Please note that many hospitals do not permit delivery to individual rooms, and that most ICUs do not permit flower delivery at all. Please check with the hospital before placing your order.

If you wish to send flowers to someone staying in a hotel, you should specify their room number (if possible) and the name of the person under which the booking was made.

If the recipient is staying at someone else's home and it will be necessary to know the name of this person/name on the doorbell. Please make sure to provide us with this information.

Flowers n smiles cannot issue a refund if a delivery cannot be made due to these circumstances.

Order Changes

To make changes to your order please email us support@flowersnsmiles.com or call us at support number. You will be able to change the delivery address, card message and delivery date. You should make these changes at least two business days before the chosen delivery date. For instance, if your order is to be delivered on 16 March, you should get in contact with support team before 7 pm on 13 March.

In case of gifts you should make these changes at least two business days before the chosen delivery date. Make sure to notify us as soon as possible, if the gift has been already prepared and sent we will not be able to apply any changes (production date may vary depending on delivery city and delivery date).


If you are not satisfied with the quality of your order, you may request a refund by submitting a claim within 24 hours after the delivery date. Please submit your claim at support@flowersnsmiles.com or contact us on customer Service number.

In the event of any other issues such as non delivery claim, missing product etc. we kindly request you to submit your claim within 24 hours always indicating your order number, please note claims submitted after this period will not be accepted.

Incorrect or incomplete delivery information

If you provide us with incorrect or incomplete delivery information on placing your order, we will not be able to guarantee delivery. If our delivery personnel report that the delivery address is incorrect, we will attempt to contact you to confirm the details or to acquire additional information from you. You should bear in mind that changes to said information should be made at least two business days before the scheduled delivery date. For example, if your order is for 16 March, you should contact us before 7 pm on 13 March.

Flowers n smiles will not be liable if your order cannot be delivered due to incorrect or incomplete delivery information, and you will therefore not be entitled to a refund.

Deliveries rejected by the recipient

If, for whatever reason, the recipient refuses to accept the delivery, you will not be entitled to a refund.


If you are not satisfied with the product then you can only return the product at the time of delivery and we will arrange the re delivery of the same product.

Duplicated orders

If, for whatever reason, you placed two or more identical orders and you notify us, we will issue a full refund for the duplicate order, provided our designers has not prepared or delivered the item. If you have not been notified on time you will not be entitled to a refund.

Delivery policy on key dates

In periods characterised by a large volume of orders on occasions(such as Christmas Valentine's Day), some of the aforementioned policies may be subject to changes:

Changes and Cancellations: We cannot guarantee the execution of order changes or cancellations if they are not requested in the time period stipulated above.

Delivery Times: We cannot guarantee morning or afternoon delivery though you were given the option of choosing the time slot when placing your order.

In some cases, and provided notification is given when placing your order, we will not be able to guarantee the delivery of your order on the chosen date and it will be made at the first available time.

If you did not find the answer for your question here, please see Help or contact us and raise your query.